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The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) requires that each service delivery area (there are 20 in Georgia) have at least one comprehensive or full-service One-Stop Center. A One-Stop Center is a place where Employers and Job Seekers can access a wide range of workforce services. In Georgia, there are over 45 "full-service" One-Stop Centers, and most areas have several other locations for customers to access workforce services also. A majority of the full-service locations are GDOL Career Centers, while others are separate facilities. Many different education, training, and employment-related services available in the community are also provided by various partner agencies at the One-Stop Center or through referrals.

The One-Stop system was designed to bring together many separate partners to seamlessly provide an array of services, from resume preparation to job search to placement to supportive services.  Thru the One Stop we assist qualified students in training for demanded occupations by providing counseling, case management, and career and job search coaching to facilitate their completion of occupational credentials and their optimal employment after graduation. WIA pays training costs not covered by the HOPE Scholarship Program as well as provides funding for tools, uniforms, licensing exams, etc. Up to $5000.00 the first year and $3000.00 the second year for a total of $8000.00 may be available for training at designated schools in certain demand occupations.

While One-Stops offer many of the same services, there are differences among One-Stops services based on the needs of customers in the community. For example, while all One-Stops provide workforce resource areas with a variety of self-service options online or through books, videos, or pamphlets, a One-Stop Center may offer specialized services in specific areas.  

At a One-Stop Center, every effort is made to make it as easy and convenient as possible for Employer and Job Seeker customers to get the customized services they need. Many customers will be able to get everything they need from a single location, during a single visit or multiple visits. Other customers may need services that are not available onsite. In these situations, One-Stop staff will facilitate necessary linkages and referrals.

The Fulton County One-Stop Career Centers are designed to assist Fulton County residents in obtaining and maintaining unsubsidized employment.  

The Service Sites provide job seekers with access to a variety of tools to aid in their job search. Some of the resources available at the Service Sites include:
•    Core and Intensive Levels of Service
•    Internet access for online job search
•    Computers for resume and cover letter writing
•    GED Preparation, Vocational Training, Life Skills Training,
•    Self-assisted assessment and supportive services (on-line and written)
•    Access to a fax machine and telephone
•    Access to the State of Georgia’s Eligible Service Provider List

Intensive services are provided to laid off citizens (Dislocated Workers) and low income adults; additional services may be available, if you are in an approved activity which includes but not limited to Child Care Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Job Readiness Classes, and Job Search Assistance.


Workforce investment act one stop workforce system summary for job seekers.

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