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What is an Individual Training Account?

ITA stands for the Individual Training Account system, the primary way for Georgia’s adults and dislocated workers to access Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funded occupational training. An Individual Training Account (ITA) is essentially a voucher given to customers who need occupational skills training to become gainfully employed or reemployed. Supported by assessment and informed decision making, customers may use their ITAs to purchase training slots in any program on the eligible program/provider list. ITA accounts are the responsibility of local workforce boards, which may establish total and categorical caps, length of time, mechanisms for payment, and other criteria.

WIA customers approved for ITA funds can only select from programs on the statewide program/provider list. If you have a program that is not on the list, customers cannot access WIA ITA funds to attend that program. Training programs in demand occupations with successful results will attract more customers.

Since each of the 20 local workforce boards in Georgia may establish monetary, categorical, and time limits for such vouchers – there may be differences among areas. Depending upon local policy, the ITA may be approved by a customer’s career advisor, a committee, a representative of a local workforce board, or other mechanisms.

This process will reflect what is determined locally to provide the appropriate balance between accountability for training funds and effective customer service.