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Water & Sewer Billing and Collections Division


Residential accounts are billed every 2 months with 6 bills issued per year. Commercial accounts are billed every month with 12 bills issued per year. There may be a one-month delay for your initial bill.

Please note that failure to receive an actual bill via mail does not waive the requirement to pay. If you do not receive your first bill within 60 days from the account establishment date, please contact Customer Service at (404) 612-6830.

Water bills issued by Fulton County are based on actual water meter readings. Our staff reads your meter every month or two months, depending on your account type. Please keep your meter accessible so we can quickly read your meter during the visit to your property. If your meter is obstructed, a meter reader may not be able to obtain an actual reading and your water consumption may have to be estimated for that billing period. By keeping your meter box clear, you can help us avoid having to estimate the bill. Additionally, a clear box makes it easy to ensure that the lid fits properly, is safe and can be quickly turned off in an emergency.

Here are few tips on how to keep your meter accessible.

Trees, bushes and plantings

  • Trim bushes, trees, and grass that block the way or cover the meter. During the growing season, plants can cover a water meter box very quickly.
  • Please minimize plants in the area which meter readers must travel to get to your meter. We would like to avoid any accidental damage to your prized plantings.

Objects that cover or block your meter

  • Please make sure that no objects cover or block access to the meter box. Items we have found blocking water meters include cars, trailers, garbage cans and recycling bins, construction equipment or supplies, landscape bark or gravel.