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Update on Behavioral Health Services at North Fulton Hospital and Expansion for North Fulton | Print |

In response to inquiries from citizens, Fulton County has received an update regarding service delivery at Northside Hospital Behavioral Health Center from Mr. Jim Newton, Manager of Behavioral Health Services at Northside. Mr. Newton has assured the County that there has been no decision made by Northside to change behavioral health service delivery options. The services provided through the VISTA program are expected to continue.


The County has also agreed to meet with Northside and Grady Hospitals to continue to explore ways that we can all partner to provide quality behavioral health services in Fulton County. We hope to keep citizens informed as we continue to have those important planning sessions.

Fulton County is also moving forward with integrated services for its citizens that include behavioral health. Fulton County is currently transitioning our services to an integrated model of care which will provide the community with primary care, behavioral health, public health, housing, workforce development and other needed services in the same “one stop shop” location.

As a part of our plans, we are in the construction phase of an integrated care center at the North Fulton Government Annex building in Sandy Springs, and we are adding behavioral health services at our North Fulton Regional Health Center location in Alpharetta. These actions increase efficiency, improve service delivery and double the availability of service locations for the residents of North Fulton County. For information on Fulton County Behavioral Health Services, 404 730 1202.


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