Commissioner Hall Named Vice-Chair of National Association of Counties (NACo) Human Services & Education Steering Committee | Print |


At the organization’s most recent national meeting, the National Association of Counties (NACo) commenced a presidential appointment to Fulton County District 4 Commissioner Natalie Hall as Vice Chair of the Human Services & Education Steering Committee. The committee addresses children’s issues, foster care,  public assistance and income support, services to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities, immigration policy, social services, and elementary, secondary and post-secondary education as well as the impact of each of these issues on localities.

“I am pleased to serve with colleagues from all over our country to address these key issues facing our communities,” says Fulton County District 4 Commissioner Natalie Hall. “Together, this group can assist one another in confronting these challenges.”

Commissioner Hall joins colleagues from Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Colorado, each of whom represents major metropolitan areas with experience in providing social services. Each NACo policy steering committee reviews and makes recommendations on federal policy issues and legislation in a selected subject matter area. The committee members are appointed by state associations and serve one-year terms. New committee appointments go into effect in August.

The committee assists counties in efforts to administer and fund ongoing projects to strengthen communities as well as protecting and enhancing families. As human services and health expenditures are significant parts of county budgets, NACo supports a wide ranging array of services for families, children, individuals with disabilities and the elderly. The Human Services and Education Committee of the National Association of Counties (NACo) exists to support counties in this work passing along recommendations regarding issues to NACo’s Board of Directors as it considers the organization’s overall federal priorities.