Fulton County Commission Vice Chairman William “Bill” Edwards Announces New Truancy Initiative in South Fulton County | Print |

Program designed to address the problem of truancy in South Fulton

On Wednesday, October 28, 2010, Fulton County Commissioner, District 7 Vice Chairman William “Bill” Edwards officially launched Truancy Reduction and Intervention Project (T.R.I.P.), the new District 7 truancy initiative.

T.R.I.P. is designed to reduce the number of students loitering in the community during school hours, reduce criminal activity of truants in District 7 and provide needs-based resource referrals to truant students and their families.

A T.R.I.P. Task Force has been established, which includes a diverse group of partners committed to addressing truancy in South Fulton.  This taskforce aims to improve communication and relationships among multiple systems, agencies and stakeholders, including the truant students and their parents.

As part of the program, law enforcement agencies conduct truancy sweeps every day that Fulton County schools are in session.  A T.R.I.P. hotline has been established (404-613-4747) that allows community members and business owners to report truancy.

The program’s impact can already be seen, with 79 truancy interventions since the beginning of the program. Six of the students were found to be truant on more than one occasion. Seven of the 79 students were female. Five of the teens face charges including drug possession, obstruction of an officer/disorderly conduct/simple assault and burglary charges.

Students attended several South Fulton and Atlanta high school and middle schools, as well as schools in neighboring counties.