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Presentation: Planning and Implementing Gender Equality Initiatives in Government
Presentation: November 2009 - Fulton County Gender Equality Overview (English & Spanish)
Presentation: Fulton County's Gender Equality Journey
Presentation: Gender Responsive Budgeting in the U.S. - A Tale of Two Counties
Presentation: Gender Budgeting - Moving from Policy to Practice
Gender Mainstreaming Presentation - CIFAL Conference 2007
Igualdad De Géneros En Gobierno Local
Introduction to Gender Equality & Budgeting Presentation
2011 Gender Equality Projects  
Day 2 - s 4_5 - Montreal Combined Presentation
Day1 - s 2-0 -course 101 2011 Montreal Day 1 Presentation A (1-75)
Jour 2 - s 4_5 Montreal Combined Presentation (sans commentaires)
Jour 2 - s 3 étude de cas Berlin (sans commentaires)


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