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Quick Tips for Marriage License Applicants in Fulton County

No bills larger than $20.00 are accepted for cash transactions in the Probate Court  
Age: Must be at least 18 years of age

Who: Both Applicants  must appear in person.

Where to Apply: (a) If one or both persons to be married are residents of Georgia you may apply for a marriage license in any county in Georgia.

(b) If neither applicant   is a resident of Georgia you must then apply for the marriage license in the county where the ceremony is to be held.
When: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Proof of Age by Providing:    Including but not limited to a Driver's License, Passport or Birth Certificate. (Documents not in English must be accompanied by certified English translation).   See OCGA §19-3-36.

General Information:   If applicable, customers need to know their date of divorce and/or date of death of previous spouse.

If a divorce was granted, for either  party,  within  30 days of applying for a marriage license, then the party must  provide a copy of the divorce decree.

Cost: (Cash,  Money Order, Credit cards)  The fee is either $56.00 (without certificate) or $16.00 (with certificate). The application fee is waived when the couple seeking the license has completed a qualifying premarital education program.   A  certificate of completion of a qualifying premarital education program in accordance with Code Section 19-3-30.1 must be presented for the $40.00 application fee to be waived. Other fees and costs still apply. See below.  

Without Certificate of
Premarital Counseling
With Certificate of Premarital Counseling
Application Fee
Vital Records Recording Fee Code Section 31-10-21(f)
Childrens Trust Fund Fee
Code Section 15-9-60.1
Total Fee  
Certified Copies
Certified Copies of the Marriage Certificate and Application are $10.00 each in  addition to the above fees.   If you would like the copies to be mailed to you, you must  provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Fulton County Probate Court, 136 Pryor Street, Suite C-230, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 (404) 613-4583 or (404) 612-4640

North Service Center, 7741 Roswell Road, Suite 219, Atlanta, Georgia 30350 (404) 613-7638

South Service Center, 5600 Stonewall Tell Road, Suite 218, College Park, Georgia 30349 (404) 612-3048


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