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The Fulton County  IT Department  has successfully implemented several new software applications and tools which have streamlined business processes and improved service delivery including an integrated financial, personnel and purchasing system, an integrated tax system and a new integrated water & sewer billing and work order system.

Fulton County IT  has also successfully improved the County’s technology infrastructure which has improved the stability, integrity and security of the County’s information systems including expansion of Voice over Internet technology, improvements to the County’s Disaster Recovery Plan, and expansion of virtualization technology; and is an active member of the County’s “Green Team” and has championed sustainability efforts which have reduced paper consumption, improved recycling efforts and reduced power consumption in County facilities.

Fulton County IT Department  made major upgrades to the network by replacing and upgrading network equipment in many county facilities including the Justice Center, jail campus, SW Arts Center and the Government Center. These network improvements have significantly enhanced network capacity, security and our ability to monitor and manage network traffic. In addition, these needed upgrades provide the foundation for our Voice Over IP (VoIP) migration efforts.

Picture2In coordination with Fulton Government TV (FGTV),  Fulton County IT  has developed a Video on Demand (VOD) website. The site provides popular FGTV productions to be made available on-demand, 24/7. A major advancement in functionality has been added to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting videos. Each video has been indexed by agenda item. You now have the ability to skip to any part of a recorded BOC meeting as you would a “chapter” index on a DVD menu.

Picture3Behind the scenes,  Fulton County IT  made major improvements to the County’s enterprise storage environment. The project included the implementation of a virtual tape library; migration of all departmental public (P:) and home (H:) drives; and the replacement of the County’s enterprise storage area network (SAN). These storage improvements have greatly enhanced our ability to manage and monitor the County’s data storage needs. As a user, you will probably notice a big difference in reliability and performance. As our data needs grow, it is important that we stay proactive about our storage infrastructure. It is also equally important that you as a user properly utilize the County’s data storage by adhering to use policies and applying appropriate data retention schedules.

Picture4Fulton County IT  tested, evaluated and implemented several “virtual” servers to consolidate existing physical servers and eliminate the need for new physical servers. We successfully tested and evaluated 125 physical servers for compatibility with a virtualized environment. Thirty-one (31) physical servers were migrated to virtual servers and retired. An additional eighty-three (83) new servers were created using virtualization technology, eliminating the need to acquire any physical hardware. This project has significantly improved our ability to manage the servers, reduce our maintenance costs and reduce our power consumption in support of the County’s “Green” initiatives.

Picture5Fulton County IT  upgraded the Power Distribution Units (PDU) and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System supporting the County’s Data Center. The existing PDUs were over their capacity and the UPS was the original unit installed when the Government Center was built. These upgrades have significantly enhanced our power redundancy needed during power failures and have improved our power distribution in the Data Center.

Picture6Fulton County IT  successfully completed the full implementation of the County’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System-AMS Advantage. The final modules to “go-live” were the Personnel and Payroll System Modules. The Personnel and Payroll implementation took detailed planning and testing prior to go-live. This attention to detail resulted in a successful roll-out with no issues and was totally transparent to County staff. In fact, County staff started to receive paychecks from the new system in January 2008. Now, with a fully integrated system (Finance, Purchasing, Personnel and Payroll) we are able to reap the benefits of data sharing and interconnectivity.

Picture7Fulton County IT GIS division assisted with the successful implementation of the new Customer Information System (CIS) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) used by Finance and the Department of Public Works. The solutions have significantly improved both departments’ operations and have created additional options for customers to submit and acquire services and/or information. The CMMS has upgraded the once paper-based work order system to an automated, GIS-centric application with various tracking and reporting capabilities. This project has revolutionized the billing, collection and maintenance of the water and sewer systems of Fulton County.

Picture8Fulton County IT  has significantly improved the County’s external Internet presence as well as our internal Employee Intranet Portal. The external website was improved in terms of content, organization and aesthetics. We are hoping to deploy more e-services in 2009 to provide constituents easier access to County services and information. In addition, we plan to improve our Employee Portal to include better organization, search capabilities, electronic forms with workflow functionality, etc. Web tools provide a very efficient and effective way to provide better service delivery to our constituents and staff. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our web capabilities.

Picture9Fulton County IT  successfully migrated to our new wireless contract, migrating approximately 1,400 devices countywide. We have already seen a significant decrease in cost as compared to the prior contract due to efficiencies like free nights and weekends, free mobile-to-mobile and the elimination of roaming charges. In addition,  FCIT has developed enhanced reporting tools to monitor usage and wireless budgets.

Picture10Fulton County IT  made significant strides in supporting the County’s Green Team Initiatives this year. One example is our new optimized Multi-Functional Device (MFD) lease contract, which will reduce paper consumption, minimize stand-alone printers, provide added functionality, reduce power consumption and provide more opportunities for recycling.  Fulton County IT  will be replacing over 400 MFDs County-wide with new, more environmentally friendly devices. In addition, we are working closely with the vendor to strategically manage the device fleet and the printing requirements of all our user departments. As an active member of the Green Team consortium, Fulton County IT is constantly advising on strategies and activities that leverage technology to promote environmental sustainability.

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