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The internal and external environments of Fulton County are changing, and technology is a critical supporter of the development, implementation, and enhancement of services to the citizens, employees, businesses, and visitors of Fulton County.   As the largest county in the State of Georgia, the Fulton County Information Technology (FCIT) should therefore also lead in government technology transformation.   With dynamic demands imposed on government leaders, it is imperative that there is an overall approach for the selection, use, and support of technology and that it aligns with county resources, business needs, and processes.


  Our Mission

The mission of the Fulton County Information Technology (FCIT) is to deliver secure, innovative, reliable technology services and solutions, and to provide guidance and oversight that lead to sound decisions for Fulton County Government.


 Our Goal

FCIT has established four key goals that focus all future technology initiatives and the long-term values it has regarding the use of technology to serve the public.

Four key goals are:

GOAL1: Efficiency
  • Offers a positive return on investment (ROI)
  • Improves productivity and/or reduces future espenditures
GOAL 2: Public Access and Customer Service
  • Improves accessibility of public records
  • Improves accessibility to county services, resources, and/or officials
  • Improves the quality and/or usability of internal and/or external county services
GOAL 3: Transparency and Accountability
  • Makes decisions and decision-related materials more easily available
  • Supports ability to track long-term outcomes
  • Supports visibility into the decision process
  • Supports input and feedback related to countywide decisions
GOAL 4: Risk Management
  • Improves security and privacy
  • Provides legally mandated services and basic operational support
  • Proactively mitigates risk associated with software versioning and equipment useful lifecycles


  IT Procurement Opportunities
Please visit the Fulton County Bid Board for  procurement opportunities.
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