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Important: If you experience technical problems using the interactive map viewers, such as an empty Table of Contents, try clearing your browser cache as explained here.

Property Map Viewer
Fulton County Property Map Viewer is a tool for viewing maps and getting information on individual properties (tax parcels) in the county. Use the search tool at the top to find locations around the county such as addresses, tax parcels, landmarks, schools, and streets. A variety of geographic features can be optionally overlaid on the map, making this a good general map viewer.
Future Land Use Map Viewer
The 2035 Land Use Map Viewer provides a view of the 2035 Future Land Use Map along with current zoning and the 2030 Future Land Use Map. The 2035 Fulton County Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document that makes planning recommendations for the next 20 years. Included in the comprehensive plan, is a Future Land Use Map.
Zoning/Land Use Map Viewer
The Zoning and Land Use Map Viewer is a tool for getting information on regulations effecting the use and development of land in the unincorporated parts of Fulton County, Georgia. It is designed to give you quick access to the zoning classification, zoning overlay district and 2030 future development character area for individual properties.
Voting Districts Map Viewer
The Voting Districts Map Viewer provides information on voting precincts, voting poll locations and electoral districts including city council districts, the Georgia House and Senate districts and U.S. Congressional districts.

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