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Discrimination Complaint Process:

The goal of this activity is to provide equity and uniformity in the impartial and timely resolution of employment discrimination/harassment complaints as well as to provide a mechanism for Fulton County to resolve such complaints internally where possible that are violations of equal employment opportunity laws and policies. In this regard, the Office is responsible for the conduct of discrimination complaint investigations and also utilizes alternate dispute resolution strategies (e.g. negotiated settlement, mediation) to resolve presenting issues. Complaint resolution activities also include counseling and referral services in order to provide assistance to employees when their complaint(s) may not have a protected class basis.

This Program also accepts and investigates complaints of discrimination under  Workforce Reinvestment Act, 1998    for participants of those programs as well as, the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  Title I-Employment,  Title II-State and Local Government  (which requires that all County programs, services, activities and facilities serving the public must be accessible to persons with disabilities) and  Title VI Civil Rights Act  as amended (which provides that recipients of federal financial assistance are prohibited from excluding any person in the United States from being denied the benefits of or being subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal assistance under this title or carried out under this title on the basis of race, color or national origin.  For additional information, click here for  How to File a Complaint.

   Discrimination Complaint Form-EEO

   Discrimination Complaint Form-WIOA


Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR):

The DCRC utilizes Alternate Dispute Resolution techniques which are time and cost saving alternatives to the traditional investigation process in the resolution of complaints of illegal discrimination. The types of ADR primarily used by the DCRC are mediation and negotiated settlement.

• Mediation is an informal confidential process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) meets with the employee who filed the complaint and the Respondent (Department Head) or the alleged primary violator to assist the parties in reaching a voluntary resolution of their dispute.

• Negotiated Settlement is used when information gathered early in the investigative process of a charge indicates that the investigation is more likely than not to result in a cause finding and/or the Charging Party has specified remedial terms and conditions to resolve his or her charge.  


Technical Assistance and Monitoring:

The Civil Rights Investigations, Programming and Compliance Program provides technical assistance and monitoring though the provision of various informational reports, consultation, research, program development, federal grant non-discrimination/equal access compliance and other related program services in compliance with relevant laws, policies and regulations for Fulton County Departments and their leadership.