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Conditions of Zoning

All conditions approved by Fulton County Government must be met on a continued basis.

Common Violations:

Trash & Debris

  • Trash, garbage, refuse or material kept or used in a manner that causes lot appearance to be unclean or untidy
  • Condition that breeds flies, mosquitoes, or insects
  • Obnoxious to the eye
Junked Cars
  • Must have current tags and registration
  • Must have proof of insurances
  • Must have working drive train components
Abandoned Property
  • All structures should be weather tight, water tight, rodent proof and not exposed to the elements.

Parking on Grass

  • It is illegal to park cars on grass, side or rear of yards.
  • This includes wrecked cars and cars without tires or tags.

Illegal Signs & Banners

  • Any sign in the public right-of-way, except for those belonging to local or state governments, public service agencies or railroads are prohibited

Over 24,000 signs
were removed in 2004

Illegal Dumping

It is unlawful to dump waste or dispose of anything on public or private property including

  • right-of-ways
  • highways
  • streets
  • parks
  • vacant lots
  • sewer drains
  • utility easements
  • alleys
  • school yards
  • recycling centers

Outside Storage

  • All equipment, appliances, garbage cans, etc., must be kept in a garage or carport to conceal from the view of adjacent property or street.

Roadside Vending

  • Roadside vendors must meet Fulton County roadside vending guidelines as indicated in Article 19 section 19.3.11(1) of the Fulton County Zoning Resolution.





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